can anyone see anything wrong with this

right, I finally got round to selling my 8600 gts (YAY :D) and now I'm going for an 8800 gts or 2900xt, now originally I was hoping for the 640 gts, but this is england and I can find none inside my budget, so then I thought, "hey you never know maybe there is a freakishly cheap 2900 there" and well, it seems there is! But I am a pessimistic fellow, and so I thought there must be something wrong with this since I found an 8800 320 (non OC'd) for the same price on the same site (although I wouldn't ever get this one, its just that its on the same site so its a comparison)
is there something wrong with that 2900 there? I don't know much about xpertvision but it just seemed like a good deal that would be (just) within my price range
so, to sum up, is there something wrong with that 2900 xt? or is it just a good deal?
edit: cleared up the fact I'm not getting the 8800 linked to
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  1. Well I have never ever heard of Xpertvision before, and barely heard of Inno3D. I would advise you to try to spend a little more for either card to get a decent brand that'd honor their warranty in case something happened (eVGA, BFG, XFX...). Don't know about ATI's partners, but Sapphire sounds like an affordable one with a decent warranty.
  2. EVGA 8800GTS 320MB GDDR3 DVI TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card

    XFX 8800GTS 320MB DDR3 Dual DVI TVO PCI-E Graphics Card

    Gecube Radeon HD 2900 XT 512MB GDDR3 Dual DVI HDCP VIVO PCI-E

    Sapphire Radeon HD 2900 XT 512MB GDDR3 Dual DVI VIVO PCI-E Graphics card
  3. but no one can see anything actively wrong with it? (like lower clock speeds or anything)
  4. The mem and the core match up to the Gecube that emp listed cant see any obvious diff but then they havent exactly given us a wealth of specs to deal with have they.
  5. no, Its just that I think I may take that in preference to a 320 8800
  6. the fact that its a lot more expensive there is quite heartening
  7. That's an astounding price. Check out the availability though.
  8. IMO it may be better yet to wait for the 2900pro for the prcie ti seems tis coming out at it looks to be a very good buy.
  9. Just had a thought (scary) but could it be so cheap because the card is all you get ie no bundle at all just card and driver disc?
  10. it says new though :s but hmmm...

    generally if its no bundle then it should really be stated (and also no bundle also means no disc, so youd only get the card) :p

    Question is: Are you feeling lucky? :D

    I think im gonna stick with my 1950 pro for a while yet lol.
  11. Old proverb
    If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is :)
  12. I bought an 8800 GTX with just driver disk from Scan. It didn't even come in a box, just an anti-static bag :)

    It was very cheap and works like a treat. However, this situation is different because the card is branded - mine is a no-brand one.

    Still, I wouldn't wait 4-6 weeks for this.
  13. well, my brother isn't coming back for another 6-8 weeks so I have an x1900xt till then
    oh, and just triple checking, ATI did stop the master-slave card crossfire for the 2900 didn't they? its just it says crossfire in the first part of it
  14. because old style crossfire sucked
  15. The term 'available from' is what I would question, that and the word 'used'. [:mousemonkey:2]
  16. but it also says "Dispatched from and sold by" does that mean anything?
  17. Only that it was originally sold by them and then returned for 'some' reason. I doubt very much that they would test each and every bit of hardware that is returned and as long as they advertise it as 'used' they can cover their arses because it's a case of buyer beware, this is the UK after all.
  18. I recon that there are enough doubts in your own mind that you wont get it short of a personal promise from Amazon that its legit.
  19. do you reckon they would lower that price so much for the fact that it will take 4-6 weeks?
    ARGH, it would be such a good deal If I could risk it
  20. The question I would be asking is "why would someone return a top of the range card?"
  21. hmm... then again, I'm not sure that thing is used because having looked at the usual template the part where it says "used and new" usually has a different price from the actual one listed like in the 8800 up the top if you look its only a £2 difference but I think the one I would get if I went with the one from the link would be brand new
  22. oh no I wasn't going to buy the one listed at the top (i know thats a bad deal), sorry for confusing things, It was just it seemed odd that they had an 8800 320 for an extremely similar price to a 2900xt
  23. Well the normal price for that 2900xt is £264.52, So I would have to wonder what is wrong with it?
  24. it does say it will take 4 weeks to be delivered, that is the only thing I can see
  25. I say if it's true that the upcoming HD2900 Pro are just failed R600s sold with lower clock speeds, then buy one from a decent brand with a good warranty, no point risking a dead card from a dishonest manufacturer. (Especially with the HD2900 Pro looking so kickass)
  26. If the card is DOA, you can just return it straight back to Amazon and they have to give you a refund or a replacement. You don't have much to lose.
  27. I think I will go for it
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