Is this a viable method to keep my card extra cool?

I got a 8800gt and it and while Crysis it gets it floats below 90C, even with the fan @ 50%.

I don't want to crank up my fan because (and I could be completely wrong) I just worry that running the fan faster on a regular basis may burn out my card before it's time. Not to mention it gets noticablely louder past 50%.

I have a large case and plenty of room beneath where the card sits. Could I prop up a fan, about a cm or 2, on the bottom of my case to blow air onto the card?

I am looking for a cheap solution right now as I don't want to do anything major because my comp will need a motherboard and CPU upgrade next year and this almost seems like it'd work out well.

Am I wrong?
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  1. Lol.....The card will burn out if you don't increase the fan speed. Seriously, increasing the fan speed won't burn out your card.
  2. If you think the GPU fan is too loud, leave it at 50% (I'd recommend at least 60% though) and buy 120MM fan to blow fresh air over the card. This way you'll have quiet fan and maybe keep your card a little cooler.
  3. 2 cheap solution's

    1. Like you said run a fan over it.. make shure its !!good!! quality otherwise you will get a little bit of a wave motion beacause the motor produces elctromagnetic wave's. it wont harm your card its sheilded however it will mess with some otehr stuff

    2. run with side pannel off and prop a 88/120mm fan blowing air away from it on top of it just lay the fan down on top of it make shure you fan fins arnet hitting the factory fan mounting screws.
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