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Will a socket AM2 work for the new quad core procs coming out? A dealer just told me that they would. Any advice?
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  1. In theory, yes. However, I wouldn't count on it in practice. For one thing, it will likely require a BIOS upgrade for the motherboard, and the MB manufacturer may not be willing to invest money updating the BIOS for a non-current MB model.
    There may be other issues as well, so I wouldn't count on it until it actually happens.
  2. Amd said they would, unless if they are lying yet again. If they don't offer Am2 Phenom cpus, I'd boycott them for awhile :fou:
  3. They won't offer AM2 phenoms but AM2+ Phenoms & of course AM2+ is meant tobe backward compatible just that not all CPU features will be supported by the older socket.

    Mondoman is right though, I imagine that some mobo mfrs may not update BIOS for older boards.
  4. ASUS has listed several of its boards that will work with a BIOS update. Probably other companies are doing the same. I'd personally wait for the new boards, as they will have better functionality with the new chips. Of course, since there are no Phenoms yet on the market, there is really no reason to buy a board yet.

    Barcelona does has support in the QFX board, but that is not a common board, if you're thinking of going that direction. Again, a BIOS update would be good.
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