Old Raptors vs. New Raptors

What is the difference if any between the WD1500ADFD (OLD) and the WD1500AHFD (NEW)

Also I am considering the WD740ADFD or even the WD360ADFD. If I got either of these I would be buying 2 and running RAID-0.

I don't need much storage and the Raptors would be only for program files, most data would be stored on seperate external network stoage.
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  1. In my opinion, if you buy a new Raptor, get the biggest one you can afford. Operating systems are getting bigger all the time, so they swallow a fair amount of the Raptor just by themsleves. Add a couple dozen games and even a 150 gig Raptor is getting full. I bought a 150 gig myself, so I practice what I preach. I also have a second disk for data, pictures, and other stuff.

    The new Raptors have a few things the old ones don't, but except for a larger cache, its not stuff that you'd likely notice. I personally don't care for the Raid trade off of speed verses dependability. If one disk in a Raid setup has a problem, both have the problem. I can stand the extra 5 seconds or less that a single Raptor takes to load something.
  2. Why bother with a Raptor these days?
    The new Segate 7200.11's out preform them in all but one server benchmark...run cooller and the smallest is 500GB for $89-119 USD depending when you buy it.
  3. Agreed. Though I have a Raptor, I wouldn't buy one again. They no longer have the advantages that they once did. Now if they upped the speed to 15,000 RPM and used SATA 2 instead of SATA 1, then they might be interesting.
  4. I'll second advising against the aging Raptors.

    But ya can read about the different Raptors here:

  5. I'd love to see an answer to the question too. Is there a perf. diff. between AD and AH. I know that the new one has cooler(temps) and has a window that acts as an electro-static discharger + has a 5yr. warranty instead of 1 or 2yrs.
  6. I've run about 5 sets of raptors in raid 0 since they came out (what 4ish years now?). Never had a problem and even to this day their performance is absolutely amazing to me in all aspects. I would highly suggest that you raid the units. I spend a lot of time in front of a lot of computers all day long and I would continue to buy rapters. My only complaint now is how loud they are. My current box in front of me at work right now is a Dell Precision with Vista, 8 gigs of ECC DDR2 667 Ram, NVIDIA Quatro 3500, 2 X 2.4 GHZ Quad Core Zeon procs (8 cores) with 2 X 150 gig Raptors in raid and Vista chatters these things all the friggen time and it can be annoying in a quite office.
  7. Ah.. before I read the contents of the first post I thought this thread was about Turok.
  8. Well there ya go... 21% faster! Looks like the Raptor is the fastest single drive in the world. If you want storage get a 1T/500GB.
    2x Raptors in Raid-0 are faster than 3x others in Raid-0. Not the same storage but faster, and storage can come from an additional drive like (1Tspinpoint/500GBspinpoint/seagate). There's something to be said for MORE POWER.
  9. The ONLY difference is one has a window the other doesn't.

    You pay about $50 more for the one with the window, but it is rated at a higher failure rate (lower MTBF). The other thing is that the one without the window is slightly quieter because the window lets more noise through. Also the window lets any external magnetic energy through to the platters (read: bad) whereas the metal case doesn't.

    From the article referenced above:
    >> As previously mentioned, the two "versions" of the WD1500 only differ cosmetically.

    You should only get the version with the window if you're one of those stupid wankers who think that cold cathodes and windows in your PC are more important than actual performance.
  10. Thanks to everyone in this post If I go with the Raptors I will definately go the old school route as new windows to see the internal disk sounds stupid. I will have to look into the segates though. Thanks again and I will keep checking in for new info.
  11. I second the Spinpoint idea. The Spinpoint F1 1TB is the fastest SATA drive ever. It may not have the short access time of the Raptor, but give it a 1 GB file (say, part of a DVD) and it will read it or write it faster than the Raptor or anybody else. The Raptor will only beat it at things like Windows booting because that involves reading 10000 tiny files all over the place and the access time matters a lot.

    If you like Western Digital, the WD7500AAKS is also very competitive. In general, I'd prefer it to a Seagate 7200.11 and it's usually cheaper too. It's #1 in price/performance on Tom's HDD charts.
  12. The X comes in a black silk bag.
    16MB cache.
    Longer warranty.
    Longer MTBF rate.
    Micheal Jordan's signature.
    The confidence of a horse.
    25$ higher price tag.
    Seagate rocks.
  13. Ok looked into the cost factors of the WD vs the Segate. Here you have it for a $2.00 difference I could have (2) 74GB Raptors totaling 148GB in RAID 0 with 16MB Cache and 1.5Gb/s or (2) 500GB Segates totaling 1TB in Raid 0 with 32MB Cache and 3.0Gb/s

    Is it worth the slight edge on performance (pick Raptors) to loose that extra storage space (pick Segates)?

    So now what to do what to do. I guess this changes the thread from new vs. old to raptor vs segate 7200.11.

    Thoughts and suggestions welcome
  14. True.
    Spinpoint good.
  15. The 1.5 vs. 3.0 issue is moot. The Seagate config. is good. The speed dif. will not be noticed unless you do 3d modeling and online gaming. Raid-0 is gonna be fast no matter what. The Raptors will always be faster, but if you don't really care about the hard corps stuff, then you are better off getting the Seagate config. Some use a Raptor for OS/programs, and another drive for storage. BEWARE the possible loss of everything, if your raid crashes or breaks. I had raid and lost everything. I now go with 1x 150GB RaptorX and 1x 320GB Hitachi storage drive. Both have Vista x64 and the Raptor is faster. Loading games is insanely faster on the Raptor. The OS boot time too, but not by as much.
    Facts is you could get 1x 1T (spinpoint/Seagate/WD) and still be happy.
    The question is do you want speed or storage? You get both w/2Seagates. You get faster speed w/2Raptors.
  16. Well i do some online gaming but mainly a C&C fan I like zero hour still and the new C&C 3 expansion comes out next month. This game is the main thing I do on my computer. So I guess Performance is more impotant to me. In my current comp I have 160Gb hard drive space and I doubt I have half of that used. But I worry the Vista will take a lot of room so I can't count out having storage. Also I have budget considerations.

    Look at my build plan and tell me what you think, details on my build are at the following link.

  17. Looks good. I would go Quad core (Q6600), and O.C. it to 3GB+. W/Q6600@3GB+ and the sys you propose... WHAM! Even w/ just one Raptor and the 320GB storage, you'll do well. If you want performance in the sys you want, get Quad core. You won't have to upgrade your CPU for several years. Right now it's all overkill anyways. The most important thing to remember is that video cards are going to drive the next gen. games more than CPU. I would get more power too. That's so you can get another card or 3, in the future and not have to get a new PSU to use it/them. A Q6600@stock will beat your 2xcore, then in the future you can O.C. it to get it to run Crysis 3 - LOL!
  18. "Why bother with a Raptor these days?
    The new Segate 7200.11's out preform them in all but one server benchmark...run cooller and the smallest is 500GB for $89-119 USD depending when you buy it."

    There is a lot of misinformation on these lists, and it pays to do a little research before blindly believing what you hear. The fact is that the Raptor drives have access times that are 50 to 70% faster than the average 7,200 rpm drive. If you are doing one thing all the time, by all means go for the cheap drives. On the other hand if booting Windows, and accessing many items quickly is important the Raptor will make most drives feel like a dial up connection compared to broadband. Raid 0 will not improve access times.
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