hp compaq dc7700 overclock capable?

I have a hp compaq dc7700 which has a E6400 @2.13ghz in it and 3gb ram. Can this be overclocked? Obviously I am new to this so I am just inquiring as to whether this is a possibility. If so, any good leads on where to start acquainting myself with the concepts involved?

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  1. I'm not positive, but I'm thinking the BIOS would be locked... so, probably no OC'ing on that machine.
  2. Hey dirtrider,
    I have a the DC5750 version of your computer, and I've upgraded mine to the fullest extent.
    These Compaq machines were built for Business use only, not gaming, or video editing, or anything remotely close to that. They were made for word processing and viewing files for the most part. HP doesn't manufacture their boards, so another company builds them with the specifications HP includes, one of these specifications is for Core Multiplying and Voltage changes to be locked, therefore you are unable to overclock your system.
    Heat will also be a problem if you have a stock cooler.

    In conclusion, you will be unable to overclock your DC7700 through BIOS or software.
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