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Problems liquid-cooling Gigabyte mobos?

Last response: in Overclocking
November 29, 2007 8:52:22 PM

I've tried DIY liquid cooling on a GA-965P-DS3 and on a GA-P35-DS3L, and both boards are now useless.
Has anybody else had problems liquid-cooling a GB mobo (I'm cooling the NB, the SB, and the RAM).
The first time I tried with the 965P, it would not turn on after I completed the cooling system installation.
Figuring I'd killed it when the coolant leaked and the PSU died a horrible death, I transfered the system to a GA-P35. It worked once. Then I plugged in all the periferals and it never powered up again (and yes, I've tried pulling various parts and unplugging all but the bare minimum needed to run the PC)
At this point, God reached out and touched the 965P, and it worked again, so I transfered the cooling system back.
Now it powers up, but gets stuck partway through the POST and so it just sits there until you turn it off.

Has anybody else had a Gigabyte mobo mysteriously die after modifying it for liquid cooling? Are they unusually vulnerable to breakage when you remove the heatsinks to attach the cooling blocks?

The circuit city guys tell me that the P35 probably isnt turning on because it's NB is dead.

December 15, 2007 6:20:54 PM

hi Mad4Power,

the circuit city guys could be right but have you double checked the fitting of the CPU waterblock on the motherboard. There is a possibility that the system isn't getting past POST because of the CPU overheating due to there not being good contact between the waterblock and CPU. What waterblock and CPU are you using?

Also have you tried completely removing the liquid cooling system and reverting back to air cooling to make sure the system boots as you make it seem as if this is a problem that only occurs with liquid cooling.

Hope this helps
December 16, 2007 1:18:41 AM

Another thing to check is the northbridge waterblock. Failure to get it on correctly will cause the NB to overheat, resulting in POST crashing. Intel clips aren't the greatest for holding the NB waterblocks on...