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I spent all day overclocking my q6600 up to 3.2 yesterday on an Abit P35 Pro (going in increments of 6-10), stress testing between every 100mhz for about an hour at a time. After stress testing my fsb at 340 for 2 hours and not going over 49 C, I decided I'll just get to 355 and be done with it. I loaded it up at 355 last night and stress tested it and everything was stable. I was awake for the first hour and everything was fine, the highest temperature was 51 C, so I decided to keep letting it test overnight while i slept.

I woke up this morning and my computer had crashed, so i went back to the bios and put everything back at where they were last stable and windows starts to load (I get past the Windows XP 64-bit edition loading screen), but immediately after that screen finishes the monitor flashes blue (with some writing that I dont have enough time to read towards the top), and crashes. I go back into bios and set everything to default and it continues to happen. I adjusted the voltages up, but that also didn't do anything.

Does anybody have any ideas?
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  1. Corrupted data on the drive? Try repair from the Windows CD.
    PSU alright? Check the voltages in the BIOS.
    Or maybe something fried.. CPU/mem/MB. (ablated electron pathway)
    You naughty, naughty overclocker you!
    Replace components, one at a time, to diagnose such a problem.
  2. Ok, I have everything unassembled. Would I be able to tell if something were fried just by looking at it?
  3. Sometimes.. but not always. There might be a burned electronics type smell to it, or burn marks. Silicon sometimes just looks a different shade of gray where it is toasted.
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