Nvidia 9800 codename D8E due for Q1 2008

"IDF 2007: New codename scheme, again
We wrote about D8E in June and you can read about it here. It is a mainstream card that Nvidia plans to reveal in November. The high end part won't be codenamed G92 and it will be known as D8E where D stands for Desktop, 8 for the eight generation and finally E as an Enthusiast.
D8E and D8V where V stands for Value comes in November while the high end part will be pushed in early 2008.
The cards support Display Port, PCIe 2.0 and DirectX 10.1 and it is the 65 nanometre part."

source: http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3197&Itemid=1

by the way im not sure if this has been posted already, and if it has i apologize

anyways that really sucks.. it looks like ill be waiting for a long time now before i will be able to play crysis.. waiting for that perfect storm has taken 2 years. Hopefully it wont be too long after December before they get released :( so i can then build my system and buy crysis and play it until my fingers bleed.

*also keep in mind this is Fudzilla so there is a very good chance this entire thing is made up bull ****

also wtf is this about?? http://amd-member.com/campaigns/black/
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  1. Nice find... True it could be all made up but I think its entertaining to hear about all the rumors and what not. But I wont be sold until I see it.
  2. also if they do not release one before the new year then what will the Nvidia investors think? escpecially after the statement Michael Hara made? (even though he made this statement a very long time ago, i think at the 8800 release)

    "In recent analyst conferences that were publicly webcast on NVIDIA's website, Michael Hara (VP of Investor Relations) has claimed that their next-generation chip, also known as G92 in the rumour mill, will deliver close to one teraflop of performance. In a separate answer to an analyst's question, he also noted that they have no intention from diverging from the cycle they have adopted with the G80, which is to have the high-end part ready at the end of the year and release the lower-end derivatives in the spring.

    Assuming that NVIDIA manages to hit these aggressive release schedules, it implies that the chip will compete with any potential R6xx refresh at the beginning of its lifetime, but also eventually with R700 as it seems unlikely NVIDIA will refresh again before the second half of 2008, unless they go for an optical shrink from 65nm to 55nm. It also remains to be seen how aggressive ATI will be on the process front this time around.

    There also were a number of other highlights during the conference, including a major emphasis on GPGPU (aka 'GPU Computing') and a short mention of Intel's upcoming GPU efforts through their Larrabee project. Micahel Hara seemed far from certain about Intel's exact strategy there, although he did mention that it was possible Intel was more interested in the GPGPU market than the gaming one. This is something we have already said in the past.

    And finally, he mentioned that although he does not believe R600 will have any impact on their G80 sales, RV610 and RV630 are much more competitive parts that are likely to gain traction in the marketplace. He argued that he was not convinced 65nm gave AMD a real advantage in terms of costs because of the yield curve, and seemed confident that their own 65nm mainstream parts will be superior. We can't help but wonder how much that matters when you release them 9 months later, though? It will also be interesting to see who's first to 55nm, and how good of a half-node it will be."

  3. I got the email from AMD with that same advertisement. The only thing it makes me think it could be is there may actually be something coming out that will give Intel a run for their money. Why else would you send out advertisements like that and not be able to back that up? That would be embarrassing and stupid.

    Although I know they announced the release of these chips Tuesday to be mainstream processors I would expect for them and their high end counterparts to get the job done and put Intel back under for at least a little while...
  4. also if we look at their stock http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q?d=t&s=NVDA&m= we can see that there is No news on the Nvidia stock page of a delay in the projected release of Q4 2007. They would have to announce that kind of information to the market i would think or not?

    and like someone else wrote "My money is on a Crytek/ NVIDIA slam dunk with a next Gen bundle announcement in late October coinciding with the Crytek demo. Benchies will abound and the card will be available November 15. I saw this in a vision ....................lol" i really hope that happens i really do, and then i can go get myself a quad core penryn processor, 4 gig ram, vista 64 and 32, raptor, and a storage drive.. and of course the new thermaltake armor + mmmmm (drools) :D
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