Scary Start up this Morning

My computer has run awesome (About 2 months old now) - everything perfect then I start it up like any other morning and I hear it power on but the Asus boot screen won't come on nor does the monitor respond as if something is loading.

I shut it off wait and try again and same thing. Then I shut it off unplug it and wait for a minute then power back on and it works this time and windows prompts me if I want to start normally or not. So it must have booted up somewhat to ask me if I wanted to start in safe mode?

My mind starts wondering how much of a pain in the a** this is going to be to fix if that motherboard goes out.

Anyhow has anyone had this happen? Its P5N32-E sli board and it always has me jittery wondering if one day it will break. I'm not overclocking or anything and it has plenty of power etc.. all new parts.
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  1. Take it from one generic name to another, it was probably just the off glitch - my ASUS mobo sometimes needs several attempts at a boot and even an occasional unplugging. Mine is heavily overclocked though (e6600 2.4 at 3.5) but still . . give it some time and if it keeps happening then start to look into it more.

    What are your system specs? And please include your model of power supply.

    BTW, a power outage can cause some power supplies to require a reset which can be done by unplugging from the wall for a short time. I think this usually happens when the PC was on at the time of the outage however.
  2. yeah the system usually has to make it through the bios in order for windows to even know there was a boot problem. Are you sure it's not a sign that the monitor might be going? Or the video card... Both of those have caused me problems like this. PSU has also been a culprit for me. But then again, a motherboard once caused a problem like this for me, so I guess I'm not much help. lol it really could be anything.
  3. Was it cold this morning? Just needed a little time to warm up. Macs however don't need that I suggest you trade it in for one.
  4. I found a couple of Asus' machines I worked with (not built - I don't buy Asus) you had to hold the "on" button in for a full second or better before the machine would start. If you just "tapped" the button they would only "half" boot.
  5. I pulled out the graphics cards and swapped them booted up and then it dawned on me - ah ha! I have external hard drive that is USB and the PC was trying to boot from it rather then what I told it to. So lessons for anyone else who might encounter this problem - UNPLUG USB Harddrives

    Boots like a champ now again lol
  6. chowner said:
    Was it cold this morning? Just needed a little time to warm up. Macs however don't need that I suggest you trade it in for one.

    Did you seriously just say that???? :pfff:
  7. MACs are for special people who don't like to be challenged...
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