Gateway 500S Disk upgrade from 80Gb SATA 7200 Maxtor

I'm interested in upgrading a Gateway 500S desktop that came with an 80Gb Maxtor 7200 SATA drive and was wanting to ask for some guidance in an upgrade replacement. Gateway has a Western Digital 500GB SATA 7200 listed as a replacement but I wanted to verify that there were no maximum disk size limits under Win XP SP2.
I recall that from my Windows 95/98 days where there was a limit and I know that's it's changed significantly in how much more disk space can be accessed by the OS. Just wasn't sure how much and certainly don't want to purchase more disk space than can be used.

Anyway, the 500GB drive was listed at $134.99 -- and wondered if anyone has recently priced a similar drive...

This is my son's desktop and he's tended to gravitate to Ubuntu/Kubuntu as his OS of choice; so, I'm thinking he'll probably want to setup for dual-boot access. I just offer that in case that impacts on your reply.

We hope to upgrade his RAM as well; which I know will significantly boost his performance.
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  1. I must love responding to your posts. Since your HDD budget in the higher range of drives, two I recommend are below. Also, Windows XP doesn't have size recognition limitation of any current drive on the market.

    They are SATA II 3.0/gb - which you system won't be able to use, but it will still function fine on your machine as SATA I. The benefit of this is that if you ever build a new computer you will have a speedy drive that isn't as out dated/limited.



    You can also look for cheaper HDD's if you wish from Western Digital and what not - but you won't get the 5 year warranty that SeaGate offers, the speed, or the 32meg of cache.
  2. tjhva,

    Well, in return I have much appreciated your insights and informative replies. And will probably follow your advice here and go with the SeaGate 7200.11 drive for upgrading... along with the 1Gb memory sticks from my other thread.
    I used to work in hardware as a service tech at my job but last 10 years mostly just ERP application support in SQL Server and Windows Server 2000/2003. Don't get much opportunity to even touch the stuff anymore. Kind of miss it -- especially when I need to work on my son's computer.
    Thanks again.
  3. Hi all,
    Just a quick word to let you know the HDD upgrade went fine - I went with the 500Gb Seagate drive. The only thing I didn't have was the MOLEX to SATA power/data cable connector and had to go back and order from Newegg, about $5.00 + 6.49 S/H. I had not dealt much with Gateway support over the web but found the Download Assistant and the wizard for analysing current configuration for required firmware/driver upgrades easy to use compared to trying figure out from the piece-UPC partnumber what firmware upgrade goes with what version of the hardware. I'm finishing up with the various software downloads (Adobe, Quicktime, etc).

    Anyway, I have not yet reconnected the older IDE Maxtor HDD power connector - I notice it's still listed in the BIOS - Peripherals; will I need to do anything to make sure there's no conflict on booting with the Maxtor connected again? I was hoping to set up so son could dual boot to either the new drive with WinXP or the old drive with Ubuntu on it.
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