PSU for mah rig? some suggestions?

Just want some suggestions for some PSU's out there. I can tell you the in's and out's of all other hardware cept for these bad boys.

real life stories/experience are welcome, as long as you can back it with some reviews(no fanboi's plz, i put too much money into my system to have it fried cause of this)

Rig in the sig.

o i run 1.3625 vCore

*edit* well sig not activated by default. here she is

Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz<----easy
eVGA 680i SLI A1
4GB Corsair XMS 800 @ 863? 2.1v
eVGA 8800GTS
1 x WesternDigital 160
2 x WesternDigital 250's

I currently run an enermax liberty ELT500AWT.

I know my rig is fine with this PSU without the H2O running off the PSU, but alas it does, and i have been getting some hard-locks in MOHAirborne(power i would think, been around the game long enough).

I would like to stick with teh modular. Bells and whistles dont appease me, it was built for one thing and one thing only? anyone up for teh challenge?
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  1. Choose one from Tier-3 or better from this list:

    In particular, one of the Corsair HX PSUs would be a good choice for you, as they are modular and top quality.
  2. Yup, Corsair HX series or Seasonic M12 since they are the same basic thing.
  3. thanks guys... i think imma go with the seasonic, only because it offers a 12V4 rail, for a total of 72A. thanks for the suggestions guys, always a great help, and you guys make it so much easier choose!
  4. Which Seasonic would that be?
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