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I am having problems with my itunes and googlechrome. When i got to certain websites i get an error the turns my webpage grey and creates an error message saying that google chrome could not access this webpage, error 138. This also happens when i am trying to download itunes from apple. On their website when i open the download itunes section, the area that usually says download itunes, and a few questions on the left side of the screen, shows the google chrome error 138 but not on the whole page only on the part that i need to download itunes. Also once i have downloaded itunes i am not able to log in to my account. t comes up with an error message sying that i could not access the itunes store and say unknown error , error(-3212). But, when i go back to itunes and i click on itunes store it lest me access it so i am confused. I am running Windows 7 and Itunes 10.6.1.
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  1. Are you running any anti virus software?
  2. Yes Avast ( free version ). I also run Peer Block if that may effect this.
  3. Actually problem solved. Thanks for your help. The problem was with Peer Block. I had 'allow http' unchecked. So that was the crap that kept my internet from working properly. Bonehead mistake. Thanks again for your reply
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