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Hi all,

Recently I set up a wireless network using strictly Linksys equipment and I'm having some trouble keeping the connection active. What I'm told is that the connection will drop from time to time, and sometimes it'll come back up, but sometimes it won't. This happens all over the building. Here's the configuration:

- cable modem is a Linksys (don't remember the model, but standard broadband with one Ethernet port)
- Linksys WRT110 connects directly to the cable modem
- two additional WRT110s in different parts of the building, connected to the primary router via Ethernet (punched down into a jack panel on the head end, connected via 5' Ethernet patch cables into the RJ-45 keystone jacks on the remote end)
- primary router has the DHCP server service active (.10 to .200)
- second and third routers configured as Access Points:
- static IPs assigned (.2 and .3)
- DHCP server is turned off
- APs are connected using an Ethernet port, not the WAN port
- I'm using straight cables and not crossovers
- All three are using the same SSID and channel (and security)

What I haven't tried is using crossover cables from the keystone jacks to the APs. Might that make a difference? Also, using different SSIDs might work, but the idea is to roam throughout the house without having to worry about connecting to different networks.

Firmware is the latest and greatest (v1.0.04) on all three. LAN connections are not affected by the connection drops.


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  1. The way I understand it, to get a "seamless" wireless signal accross multiple Access Points/Wireless Routers, you have to set the channels different.

    The access points/routers that are closest to one another should be about 6 channels or so apart... for instance, use channels 1, 6, and 12 respectively.

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