Weak AVI support...?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but from I've experienced not a lot of softwares/devices offer AVI playback; why is that? It seems like such a prevalent container that it would almost be up there with wmv support, especially considering MS made both...

Insights, anyone?
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    No, I think I am using only H.264 in mp4 and mkv container when transcoding (from m2ts source). AVI (non H.264 divx/xvid codec from the old days, not avi container with H.264) is pretty much dead to me. I think people doing transcoding is using more and more mp4 and mkv to avoid confusing the viewers (mkv/mp4 usually associated with H.254) vs. (avi, usually divx/xvid). Many people don't know about the difference between codec, container and extension, etc (count me in, I'm still trying to figure it all out).
  2. .avi is not a single standard for files. You can encode AVI in a ton of different ways. Many devices run DIVX encoded .avi files just fine for example.
  3. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the .avi files generally quite large when not encoded in a format (container?) such as a DivX .avi file? I know in Premiere there is an option to export the file as an uncompressed .avi file. Wouldn't the large .avi files make them inpractible for uploading and, generally speaking, playback?
  4. It is said that the video with .avi format has higher compression and lower quality.
    But it's still popular in the storage of video information.
    I usually convert avi videos to mp4 in order to suit my cellphone. :)

    I'm a new comer here and not familiar with video formats,please tell me if I'm wrong:)
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