can`t lock PCI-E Frequency

hey ,
i have some problems with my overclocking.
first my system :
Intel Core™2 Duo E6300
GigaByte 945P-S3 s775

when i increase my FSB from 266Mhz to 296Mhz in 100MHZ PCI-E Frequency(default) it`s working great but when i`m trying to put 320MHZ FSB then my computer doing recovery and load default bios settings. What interesting is when i put my PCI-E Frequency in a "AUTO" mode i can increase my FSB to 360-380MHZ with no problems. When i put 110 Mhz PCI-E i can go with my FSB to 310MHZ and etc,... so for sum i have some RATIO between the FSB and my PCI-E Frequency , how can i remove it or overcome on it?

10x ;)
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  1. what're your volts like?
  2. volts are default , tried to increase them with some higher FSB (320MHZ+) wasn`t helped
    (all of them DDR,FSB,CPU)
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