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Need help very much.

pls help me again...

i have a idm 6.08 trial and i have used it for 30 says.
now it is showing that idm has registered with fake serial key and i cant download anything with idm.

pls suggest some solution
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  1. Here you go

    Buy the version.

    If you already did, the support link is on that site also.
  2. Is there any method other than buying the idm?

    In youtube many videous r there to crack or patch the idm and they can be licensed for full time.
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    If you want to use a crack to run the software, this is not the site to ask about it. There are ways to get car other than buying it also if you don't mind the hassle of having the police chase you.

    If you want a valid license, buy a valid copy of the program.
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  5. Thanx for your support. :hello:
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