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I am using a PC with the following configuration. AMD ATHLON AM2 4400, ASUS M2A VM HDMI,160GB SATA HDD,1GB DDR2 667.
My DVD Writer is LG, HL-DT_ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N(Firmware 1.03). When I wrote a DVD with 4GB data, it took almost 70 minutes to complete. Initially, I was using Nero and I changed to NTI. Both gave same result.

Similarly, When I wrote an Audio CD of 700MB, it took 17minutes.

My question is, whether this speed is normal ?. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Speed is relative to what (and how) you are writing info to the disc, to write lots of little files will take longer than writing in ISO.

    From the numbers you've posted:
    700Mb in 17mins = 41Mb per minute
    4000Mb in 70mins = 57Mb per minute

    Have a look at: http://www.osta.org/technology/dvdqa/dvdqa4.htm

  2. Drop the LG, I've had nothing but headaches with em (don't just drop it, BURN it)

    (I have this one and it takes about 5 minutes to burn a 700Mb disk)

    (had one till I dropped it down the stairs) (Remember to secure the drives in the bays)
    (About 7-8 minutes to burn the same as above)
  3. What type of media are you using? It is possible your software is lowering your burn speed due to poor or incompatible media. In my experience with Lg drives alot of the newer media just isn't reliable at any speed. I figured it was because it was almost a year old about 10 months. However after dealing with their horrible support I went back to Pioneer. The access time is great and it burns everything reliably.
  4. Update the firmware of the drive.
    Check Device Manager. Make sure it not running in PIO mode.
    If it is IDE, check the jumper position.
    Those times are excessive. It should be like 20 minutes max for a DVD.
    Consider purchasing a Samsung SH203-B.
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