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Feedback on CCleaner please

I have been looking into something that can help me keep my registry cleaned up and someone recommended this program. I thought I would ask first before I leaped into something new since I've gotten some very good feedback from this forum.


Thanks in advance...Marci
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More about feedback ccleaner please
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    I think CCleaner is excellent. Never had any issues with using it.
  2. Nothing wrong with it. Use it to uninstall as well as for cleaning.

    As good as any paid application. And its free.
  3. 32,839,194

    Total ccleaner downloads ^ 33 million can't be wrong!
  4. +1 for the above comments, am a 3 years ccleaner user, never had a problem with cleaning windows registries and never with the tool, just keep chking on updates for it and you'll be fine :)
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