Q6600 Heat Issue - Sign of a Different Problem?

A while ago, I had a problem of my computer's Q6600 running at 59C idle. However, today, I disabled the auto fan control in the BIOS and temps at idle have dropped around 10C (coolest core is now 43C). When I felt the fins of the heatsink right after turning off the computer, they were hot (but not BURNING hot). Is this a sign of a bad heatsink or bad seating of the heatsink, or just bad design of the auto fan control? Also, is 49C a safe idle temperature for a Q6600?

Finally, anything else I can do that won't void the warranty of my Q6600 to lower the temperatures? (I'm a lazy man, it's my excuse for not buying a new heatsink!)
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  1. Welll if your heatsink was hot then its a good sign that your heatsink is on the proc correctly why dont you increase air flow to your case
  2. What is the ambient temperature of your room? Also, is it overclocked? If so then how much.
  3. Air flow isn't a problem, I have the XCLIO Windtunnel. The ambient temperature is probably 80-82F. Also, it's not overclocked at all.
  4. What are normal idle and load temps for the Q6600. Aren't they pretty high already?
  5. My mistake, those appear to be normal load temps, not idle.
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