Need info on this system/specs/ -cyberpower-

hi, I'm new here, I never had the balls to drop alot of $ on a gaming pc but I finally can spend more than usual.
I'm shopping around cyberpower, as I hear they are pretty good for the $ as compared to alienware..ect. Here is what I have so far. cose of that is $4150.. worth it? anything to change or suggest, let me know, thanks

CASE: CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Tower 420W Case W/ Side-panel Window
CPU: (Quad-Core)Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme QX6850 with Factory OverClocked to 3.66GHz 64-bit
MOTHERBOARD: (Quad-Core FSB1333) Asus P5N32-E nForce 680i SLI Chipset LGA775 FSB1333 DDR2 Mainboard
MEMORY: (Req.DDR2 MainBoard)4GB (4x1GB) PC6400 DDR2/800 Dual Channel Memory (Mushkin Xtreme w/ Heat Spreader)
VIDEO CARD: NEW!!! NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra 768MB 16X PCI Express (EVGA Powered by NVIDIA)
VIDEO CARD 2: NEW!!! NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra 768MB 16X PCI Express (EVGA Powered by NVIDIA)
LCD Monitor: NONE
HARD DRIVE: Extreme Performance (RAID-0) with 2 Identical Hard Drives (300GB (150GBx2) Gaming Western Digital Rapter 10, 000RPM SATA150 16MB Cache WD1500ADFD)
Data Hard Drive: NONE
Optical Drive: (Special Price) 18X DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW DRIVE DUAL LAYER (BLACK COLOR)
Optical Drive 2: 16X DVD ROM (BLACK COLOR)
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  1. Well I'm no expert but my guess would be you would need more power than that 420w....

    Other than that I cant really help out all too much, if you want ULTRA's go for em, but I have been advised that you can OC GTX's to the same (unless you want to OC the ULTRA's)... also what monitor will you be using with those beasts ?
  2. If you are going with a fully built system, would you concider having me price out a system for you? I'm have a site built at the moment since I just recently started up my own custom computer computer, but some people from toms had purchased parts from me and a few people around where I live have had me build them systems.

    Anyways, if you have the money that computer looks great. However, in a few months, new Nvidea cards should be coming out and beating the comes around today. also the GTX cards are a little cheaper, but only around 4-6 FSP worse than the ultra, I would consider getting those if you really want SLI.

    Also the raptor is great and all, but I have it and see very little, if any, performance gain in my real world gaming. Most of the gain can be seen in windows loading. If you would like to have that, I would suggest maybe a 36GB raptor drive with just your OS on there and the others for games and such.
  3. thanks, I heard about the new cards are comming out, however when? if its 3+- months I can wait, but I don tknow if I wanna wait 6+months,

    *yes the powersupply 750watts, the case just had that with it,

    and sure give me a price on a simlar unit with the gtx or the ultra, or both
  4. also whats big on my mind was to take 1 step down in the processor as its like 600$ more than the next high end one, will there be a clear difference in performance..ect?
  5. lennyx said:
    thanks, I heard about the new cards are comming out, however when? if its 3+- months I can wait, but I don tknow if I wanna wait 6+months,

    Lol this is the biggest problem with the new Nvidia cards that are coming out, I am in the process of building a new system also (hence why I am not the greatest source of information) but there is an "expected" November release for the cards... however none of this is backed up by Nvidia, there is no official word from them as to what the specs will be (I am pretty sure) and there is without a doubt no official word as to when they will be released (the only source of information on this supposed Nov release is from an unnamed source in "The Inquirer"... not exactly my cup of tea for reliable information.
  6. Sounds good, I'll send you a private msg in a bit. If you wanna talk and have aim or yahoo or msn, let me know. my Aim and yahoo are Maximus9102, msg me anytime with questions you might have.

    The overclocked processor is of course better than one that isn't, but it should not cost $600 to do that. I would get an OCed quadcore.
  7. I'm going to be honest here... you really do not need two video cards, nor is it neccisary to buy a 10,000 RPM HDD.... but if your persistant, Go ahead with that, figure I'd save you a few hundred dollars!

    Do not bother buying a secont non DVD burner drive, for the extra $10 dollars, buy a DVD Burner (they are like $30).

    If you are serious about all of these extras, the 420 Watt stock PSU will not cut it. Try this PSU,, it looks cool, and I am farmiliar with Rosewill. They make excellent products, and this one definatley has

    Oh, in case you haven't heard, they are going to be releasing the new Intel and AMD Quad Cores, with DDR3 RAM support, so If I were you, I would hold off on buying over $4000 dollars worth of computer equiptment, that you might regret next year. The LGA 775 is about to be surpassed, look up the new 1336 pin interface that Intel is soon to release.

    By the way, that computer would smoke any computer you could come in contact with, so if you buy it, be cautious!
  8. well, you can build it yourself, a beter idea and save a hella lot of money. seems like a waste getting someone to build it for you.
  9. now I'm really :o , new card and other new stuff comming out, this is all within the next 6 months. I dont know if I should wait or not, cause every 6 months something comes out anyway,
  10. well unless you wana play the waiting game, you will be waiting then new technology comes out, so you will wait and wait, i would just buy now. and just change the parts as new stuff come out and sell the old parts sorted
  11. changing parts too soon is a watste of time, if i'm spending 4k on the latest cpu/video cards, with the specs above you think this system will get old fast? and not handle games lets say a year from now
  12. This computer is actually overpowered for even the most intense games. I would serverely recommend spending a lot less money on the excessive things (ie; the 10,000 rpm HDD, more than one video card, when one of those would run any game full specs), and consider making this computer like $1000 or $1500, and wait until the new Intel 1336 pin processor come out, and the usage of DDR3 RAM is available.

    You would be better off getting a $1500 beast that will run any game you can throw at it at full specs, and wait until the new hardware comes out, so you can optimize the remaining $3000 on a Nuclear powered beast!

    If you want some help in building a computer, I will help, thats my bag, and I enjoy just building nuclear computers. You would be supprised what I could do with $600, let alone $1500, or your $4000+. Message back here if you want some help, and I will provide you with all I can do!

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, you really don't need RAID. To be honest, unless your running a server, you shouldn't need RAID. If you really want to be extreme though, you should invest more in storage. Maybe get two 7200 rpm 500 or 750 Gig SATA, RAID those together.

    Also, keep this in your mind, think about the possibility of getting a gaming laptop, for your more portable needs! Look up the Everex XT5000T, then look up some of the Intel equivalent (If you must) or even the upper priced AMD's with dedicated video cards.
  13. It appears that more than the usual number of changes are on the horizon, including PCIe 2.0, DDR3 memory maturing, what should be major releases by nVidia and AMD that might see a competitive response - and maybe a significant drop in prices for prior units, and finally a new socket for Intel - although that may be down the road a bit far - but 45nm cpus are just around the corner. Oh yes - and hopefully SSDs may become more competitive shortly - although that might be best left for the next round of new builds - unless you plan on spending $4,000 on a new build now.
    Buy yes, I do think your system will be safe for at least a year from now.
    I am thinking it might be best to wait a little for PCIe 2.0 and better DDR3 memory, and for the Intel 45nm CPUs and to see what changes Barcelona precipitates.
    Then if I wait 3 years for my next major update, I may then be a late adopter for SSD, Intels new chip, and fusion. Alas, what is a guy/gal to do.
  14. when are these new things going to happen?
  15. New Things are happening every few months.
    They never ever stop.

    Buy a good system for today.
    Then in a year, drop in a new CPU or GPU.
    You will have spent less money and have a faster system.

    You can't Buy tomorrow technology today, regardless of how much you try.
  16. how would I know if the mother board will support the new cpu/ ram if there are
  17. This motherboard will not support the new processor or RAM, they're making a BIG change in hardware.

    Oh, if there are any Halo Players, take a look at my site (Down below this)
  18. great: haha, o man,, are these changes happening 6 months from now/ a year? all of this makes me not wanna get a new system
  19. If you get a single VGA card you can get the P35 chipset board, which supports new ram and cpus, meaning you can upgrade it later.
  20. P35 Motherboards will accept the new CPUs which are not going to be widely available at reasonable prices.

    The P35 Motherboards will also accept the new PCIE-2.0 Graphic cards, but they will be limited to PCIE 1.1 throughput. However, this is still far higher than any existing card can put out and higher than you will be seeing soon.

    Current systems even when OC'd to over 4.0Ghz are not hitting a memory bandwidth limit so don't fret about DDR3 ATM.

    Get a new system, just don't try to blow so much money on it.
    Get a good system, enjoy it.
    Then in 12months Upgrade it.
    Then in 12months Upgrade again.

    You will have the funds for the upgrades because you did not spend so much to start.

    You will also be able to E-Bay your old items and recoup a good part of the already spent funds.

    You can't wait forever.
    And if you wait 6months, you are really in a jam because 6month after that Intel is going to be releasing a whole new line of chips. (Yup, and that will be an even bigger upgraded than the near term upgrade.)

    Dude, Buy and enjoy your system now.
    Just don't try and future proof it. Ain't happening
  21. lennyx-
    Be very very cautious with cyberpower. I will try to find some of the reviews of their stuff and post links later. But right now let me say that I ordered from them last fall and holy crap what a headache. Stuff was wrong that even after I sent it back for repair they did not fix. And they had it for 2 months to "repair" a brand new pc. I ordered 2x512 and they gave me a single 1gb stick (no dual channel). I ordered 800mhz ram and the motherboard had instability problems with 800 and they were using the old bios and just set the ram to 667 instead of addressing the issue and flashing the bios. This may seem silly but I wanted a cd-rom drive for reasons I won't go into and they sent me a dvd-rom drive. When I sent it back (it only ran for a 4 hours after I got it) I explained in detail why I wanted a cd-rom drive and I argued with numerous tech support people and people who worked repairing it and they became very nasty and told me that what I ordered was not available and should be happy with the "upgrade". They are rude, deceitful, and lousy system builders. If you look around you will find others who will have the same to say. So, you may want to reconsider ordering through them. The savings might be "you get what you pay for". I will try to find some links to reviews saying basically the same thing.
  22. Ouch,
    Those are some bad reviews.

    I do not take any one review seriously, but the fact that the overwhelming majority of folks gave bad reviews with so few good reviews is quite quite scary.
  23. that sucks, what else is there, i hear ibuypower is bad too
  24. I msged you Lennyx :)
  25. People Laugh at me, but I love Dell Outlet.
    Especially if you get the warranty.
    I always do that for Warranty.
    But for just under $3,000 you can get this killer system.
    If you get a warranty, they will take care if you.
    They have been in my house in under 48hours and had my laptops fixed on three different occassions.
    If you don't want to build yourself, not a bad deal.

    XPS 720
    (System Identifier: ZR953PHL)

    XPS 720 Tower: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 (4MB,3.20GHz Factory overclocked) Red Chassis
    Genuine Windows Vista Business

    System Price : $2,979.00


    Operating System
    Genuine Windows Vista Business
    2 GB DDR2 Non-ECC SDRAM 800MHz (2 DIMMs)
    Hard Disk Drive
    160 GB SATA Hard Drive (10K RPM) 2nd Drive
    160 GB SATA Hard Drive (10K RPM)
    Dual 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX Video Cards
    Sound Card
    Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer (D) Sound Card
    Scratch & Dent
    Scratch & Dent
    Media Bay
    16X DVD +/- RW w/dbl layer write capability
    XPS 720 Tower: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 (4MB,3.20GHz Factory overclocked) Red Chassis
    Software Upgrade
    BIN + 1 Overclock
    Microsoft Works 8.5
    Hardware Upgrade
    USB Keyboard
    Dell Optical USB 2-button Mouse
  26. is Ibuypower same problems as cyber?
  27. I think they are.
    They seem to have identical configuation options w/o any variance in part model options.
  28. what other companies are there with similar prices, even dell is 1K-2k up in that config :heink:

    That is close to the price, but doesn't have the QX6850 or the 680 SLI motherboard.
  30. Maybe you could pay a local computer shop an "Assembly Fee".
    You buy all of the Parts on NewEgg or similar and they assemble/Install Windows.

    I'm sure they would do that for $100-$200.
  31. The Listed Dell actuall comes in about $1200 Less.
    There are others with Quads and 4gb that are about the same price.
  32. I really dont trust the small pc stores around me, crap I wish the cyberpower thing was reliable as its a nice price for the hardware. did anyone have any good experiences with em?
  33. There are always good and bad experiences. If you really want them, get the system and get their repair plan. It isn't like all their systems are bad. Every PC maker probably has some good reviews and some bad. Some hardware just goes bad, there is nothing you can really do about it.

    It's all up to you.
  34. True, there is good and bad reviews. However, if 50% of all customers complain and some never get what they actually ordered, that might not be worth taking a chance on for even a few hundred bucks. I easily would have spent an extra $500 to not have any issues and simply get what I ordered. I guess I should have done a little more homework before I ordered. Their site (Cyberpower) has some handpicked reviews that made them seem pretty good, I guess when they were quite a bit cheaper, I should have suspected something. As a side note, I think Cyberpower and Ibuy have the same mailing address or work out of the same building or something like that. If lennyx wants he definitely can take the chance on them. It's his money to save. Just go in with a clear picture of what can happen.
  35. I think your best bet is still to get somebody local.

    Remember, if you buy the parts, you know exactly what you are getting and if anything goes bad you can go right to the manufacturer for a replacement. As long as you buy reputable parts, you should be fine since the warranty will be honored. Putting them together is not that hard and you should be able to find somebody to do it for you for a minimal price.
  36. I never knew that about Ibuypower and CP. I actually created my own custom computer company because I didn't like how the others did business and how much extra they charged customers. I'm getting a nice website built at the moment. I'll be offering prices that are really competitive. Most will be lower for total systems than newegg or a little over for fully assembled. I give the customer the choice to have it assembled by my company or themselves. As well as a 2 week return guaranty.
  37. Like I said before, If you want some help, I could assist you in building a computer. You tell me how much you want to spend, and what you want out of the computer. I can build you a computer through Newegg that would beat anything you could find on the market! All you have to do is assemble it, which involves 'plugging this card here, and that chip there' and your done.

    Just drop me a line on here, I enjoy building rediculous systems on Newegg. I can also help you in overclocking the computer as well. This could both save you a ton of money, as well as teach you the fundamental basics of building your own computers.

    Do as you wish, I could be of assistance, and I'm willing to take the time to do it!

    Oh, and I would like anyone who likes to get excellent programs for their computers to check out the site below (its mine), My Group and I have been compiling a list of Awesome programs for the computer, its worth a looking. Download links, as well as links to the downloading pages are provided (incase updates are made to the program).
  38. Great luck and prosperity Solariscs. Hopefully, someday soon many of us will talk about the great systems you have built for us!!
  39. Cyberpower isn't that bad, at least for me, got a $1200 system from them, runs amazing, plays games at max settings at more than 60 FPS(a tad older ones, mind you) Has everything in it that i ordered, but yeah i guess you might want to get it from alienware or voodoo for the 3k+ pc's, Ibuy and Cyberpower are best in the $1000-~2000 category.
  40. Thanx jjknoll :)
  41. ha I tried to just call cyberpower and no one is pickin up
  42. jjknoll said:
    Great luck and prosperity Solariscs. Hopefully, someday soon many of us will talk about the great systems you have built for us!!

    did u get urs on promised date?
  43. They don't want your business :P haha, well they should be there, the site says they work till 3pm PST on Saturday, so who knows.
  44. lennyx said:
    did u get urs on promised date?

    From Cyberpower? Yes. The original, incorrect, mostly non-functioning shipment showed up on time. The subsequent "repair" took woefully long and my system was outdated by the time I got it back.
  45. Oh, just wanted to make sure that you're not getting SATA 150, seeing as how there is SATA 2.0 (SATA 300)! I just noticed that, but make sure you do realise that changes like this (DDR3, PCI-e 2.0) Do NOT happen every 6 months! DDR2 came out in 2003, DDR came out around 2000 ,that appears to be a lot more than 6 to 12 months! PCI-e came out around 2003, now they are doubling its rates four years later!

    I would reconsider spending all of your money now on a computer that looks cool right now, but wont be up to speed in a few months. Again, now everyone will say new technology will come out ever 6 months. This is far from the truth, substantial changes occur every 2 to 4 years, this is one of them!

    I'm not going to offer my help once again, you either want some help, or not, but recognize that it is there.
  46. I used ibuypower with no problems, they replaced Hard drives and stuff with no problems. They back up the 3 year warrenty.
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