Question about temperatures and size of PNY NVIDIA 8800GTX 764MB

Hello! Well, the question is: I have a Intel D975XBX2 with a quad core Intel processor and a NVIDIA 7600 GS zogis and i want to upgrade my video card for a PNY 8800 GTX with 768 MB:

But i've read that this card reach incredible temperatures, and i am afraid of this fact, because it may reduce the lifetime of the card, is this true? Someone can tell me if this card has this problem and it's better that i upgrade my video card for a 8800 GTS with 640 MB:

Just for the problem of the temperature? Well, besides, the card could enter in my case? (thermaltake soprano silver) i've heard that is very big (7.8 x 3 x 4.4 inches).

Well, i resume my two questions:

I have to get worried about the temperatures that can reach the PNY 8800 GTX, and it's better that i buy another one?

I have to get worried about the video card doesn't enter in my case because it is too big? (my case is a thermaltake soprano silver), the card's dimensions are 7.8 x 3 x4.4 inches.

Thank you very much and i apolagize about my English, it isn´t very good.
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  1. 8800 series max temp is 90 , mine is between 55-76 , its silent and and good . if u can get a GTX go for it , it wont disappoint u
  2. Oh thanks you too much! I took my decission.

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