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Upgraded from 3200+ to dual 4200+...problem?

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September 7, 2007 3:15:58 AM

My system seemed a bit lacking in speed, even after purchase last year but the price jump from the 3200 > was not worth it so I figured I would upgrade in a year when prices drop dramatically.

So - a year comes and goes, and I pickup one of the last 4200+ toledo (x2) that were left.

To my dismay, My super pi score went from 48 for 1 mil to 3dmark06 score went from 3048 to 3480.

I then searched a bit on here and 'there', and downloaded the amd hotfix from m$ and dual core gaming optimizer from amd and ran 3dmark and pi again. Same result for pi but my 3dmark06 score actually dropped from 3480 to 3390?!?

So - I am wondering...should I be expecting better results?

-Neither cpu was or is overclocked.
System config:
2 gigs of good mem
7600gt xfx xxx edition
450 watt ps running good
a8n-e mobo (not sli ver)
2 sata 3 drives running in raid for speed

Any suggestions to ensure I have everything I need to make sure my system runs at optimal for the equipment I own?
Do these scores sound right?

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September 7, 2007 4:11:01 AM

First, I am assuming you have 2 cpu's showing in the task manager and 2 cpus's showing in the device manager. If you don't, you have other problems that we need address.
That being said, the 4200+ is only 200mhz faster than the 3200+. The benefit won't show up that much in most benchmarks. The benefit comes from having 2 cores that are better able to handle system background processes while you are gaming, or running a demanding application. If the application or game is multi-threaded, then it can make use of both cores for increased performance as well.
September 7, 2007 5:26:55 PM

You could also look into a new video card... if you didn't think of that already.
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September 7, 2007 6:12:05 PM

Not so sure... I did the same thing a couple of months ago. I upgraded from a 3500 to the same chip you have. (Luckily right before they announced the end of service life and the price shot up to 450 bucks).
I experiences a significant difference (No OC'ing) in my 3d Mark scores. They went up about 300 points avg. But POUS is right my score went up like 10,000 points when I upgraded from my SLI-6600gt's to my 8800. A video card will help scores in 3d apps much more than D-core.
The only help I can offer is to get the latest bios for MB, and to try a 10% OC on your chip and see if it changes the results...if not...your die may be faulty or something?
September 7, 2007 6:45:29 PM

Well I ran superpi all day today under a stress test and it ran fine. Doubt it's faulty.

It is showing up as 2250mhz in the cpuid u get from amd which I suppose is better than getting a chip reading 2190 or something like that which I've seen.

I don't run any auto clocking bios or software apps.

Not sure my video card is that bad. It's actually pretty good and is VERY oc able. I'm probably going to start tinkering with that. I contacted xfx's tech support about some blue dots I was getting due to monitor vsync issues (didnt know that at the time) and they were actually amazed I am not oc'n this board as it is really good for is supposedly...AND if I fry it they will replace it ----------- FOR LIFE?!?!?
That's just INSANE. Are they crazy or do they plan on being out of business soon?
My devilish mind is thinking of a way to get a new card ! MUAHHA (Cough)

NEway thanx for the .nfo