8800GT + HR-03GT fit an Antec P182?

Thinking of putting a Thermalright HR-03GT VGA cooler on my PNY 8800GT. Question is if it will fit the Antec P182 casing nicely? If mounted to the bottom side, would it block my sound card? Or if mounted to the top side, would it block any of the Northbridge or any other Mobo related stuff? I have a Zalman CNPS8700 on my CPU.

What about when putting a fan on the HR-03? I'm guessing it would be blocking the sound card then? Would the fan also be necessary since the P182 has good airflow?

Also, what about best mounting position for the Antec P182? (top or bottom)

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  1. Depends on your mb's configuration I would think. I have a P182/P5B-Del and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fit in the bottom slot. The top one should be no problem.
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