my gc is gigabyte 7300gt ddr2 turboforce edition.on their official website shows that this card memory is clocked at 800mhz...but on my pc only 400mhz.i've tried using rivatuner and the highest i can get is 450mhz.is there something wrong with my card or my pc??????
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  1. Perhaps you'd get more responses with a better thread title. No matter... I'll take the time to respond... here's my answer...

    That's DDR2 so 400 would be correct. 400 X 2 = 800
  2. ethel said:

    In other words if you still have it set to 450 then you are now overclocked to 900 mhz. :)
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    DDR stands for Double Data Rarrarrararrarate! Rate. Yes. That's it.

    Means the Ram is accessed twice per clock cycle, more or less. Manufacturers like bigger numbers because bigger numbers get them more customers.
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