E6750 w/ Crucial DDR2 1066 - Need help w/ Mobo

Hey everybody,
i'm building a computer with the C2D E6750 CPU. i already have a set of 2GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1066 sticks and want to use them in my setup. i'm having trouble choosing a motherboard because its my first build and im not sure how it all works. i was thinking about getting the Gigabyte P35-DS3L because i dont need all the extra features of better boards. will this board work with my setup? if not, will it work with a E6600? please let me know. i would hate to finish my build and then find out it doesnt work.

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  1. P35 DS3L supports both E6600 and E6750
  2. That memory is not on the approved list for the DS3L. It might work, it's just not guaranteed. I think it's worth trying anyway, that's a very good mobo.

  3. thanks a lot.. yea i know its not on the approved list from gigabyte but crucial says itll work.. so ill give it a shot.. thanks guys
  4. to aevm , there are tons of memorys which arent in the motherboards support list , but the motherboard supports them , like mine, REAPER isnt in P5K-E supported RAMs but it works flawlessly

    Dont worry , that Crucial will work with no probs
  5. just what i wanted to hear.. unfortunately gigabyte said they suggest using RAM under 2.0v and mine is 2.2v.. but hopefully that wont be a problem
  6. Ballistix works well with abit's IP35 series mobos
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