Nvidia Geforce4 Go 440 in Dell C840 w/UXGA Display

Nvidia Geforce4 Go 440 in Dell C840 w/UXGA Display: will only display 1600 x 1200. Fix for this is to install factory drivers from computer manufacture, set display to desired setting in control panel display advance tab settings, apply and ok, don't forget to say yes to change settings. Most important!!!! Press and Hold fn (function key bottom left of keyboard light blue in color) simultaneously press F7 which is FONT. This allows you to set desired display. I went into the BIOS and changed the Video Display to onboard, mine was defaulted to docking station, don't know if that makes a difference.
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  1. Okay, what's the question?
  2. A fair suggestion...

    But then....how many people have a laptop old enough to have a geforce4 go 440?
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