When are we goin to C real Phenom prices, specs and Intel comparisons?

When are we going to see real Phenom prices, specs and Intel comparisons? Im tired of speculation...I want to see some real results!!! Another thing... AMD people need to keep their spirt and quit selling out and buying Intel!!! Without AMD, what do you guys think will push the market forward??? If we stick together, in the end AMD will be faster and cheaper like before and then we can tell intel people to FU@# themselves!!!
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  1. Probably not for another month or two. They'll be avalible for the holiday season.
  2. December is the slated release date for Phenom.
    Whether it arrives in time for the holiday season, is unknown.
  3. It's actually slated for Q4. Mobos are nearly ready from the usual suspects. I expect end of October for shipments and December for real volume of the three launch SKUs - FX81, FX90 and FX91.

    That means ASUS should have a new BIOS for QFX soon.
  4. miahallen

    what branch?
  5. I have a amd processor and i love it,however, i think at this point you can stick a fork in amd, they are done,The performance they claimed as opposed to what is actually is is very different. I know is the barclona, and not the agena or kuma, but we all know performance is gonna be similair. I'm happy with my system right now, but when i do upgrade it will probably be a penrynn(hopefully with a lower tdp) and i will bypass the phenom X4
  6. weskurtz81 said:

    what branch?

    Regional Network Operations Security Center, 78th Signal Battalion, US Army, Japan.
  7. Good times man. I was Avionics on the dreaded C-5 436 AMXS Dover AFB De. I missed a chance to go to Japan... heard good things about it though. Otherwise, England, Germany and Kuwait. I do you like it over there?
  8. Yeah, it's been nice, and a VERY nice change from the hot deserts in Iraq ;) I've been here since Jan 06 and I have another year and a half left, then I'm getting out.
  9. Getting out seems to be the trend. I know it was at Dover. Our squadron alone went from over 1,000 around 2002 to about 250 when I got out in May. The first time I got off of the rotator at KCIA in July.... OMG. That heat and wind just hit me. You probably went through KCIA to didn't you? After I while I got used to it. It was kind of nice when I got back though, 90 degrees over here felt rather pleasant... and 80 was getting pretty cool. What was the hottest for you in Iraq? It got up to around 140 in Kuwait on some days we had a heat index of 170(on the humid days) since we were right on the gulf.

    Edit: everyone at Dover was getting out because of the base not the war. Just wanted to clarify that statement.
    Edit #2: how many years will have in when you get out?
  10. what the hell are u guys talking about???????
  11. Alright even if AMD pulls off a spectacular release and the bench marks are even 2X what they predict Intel will win this round and a few more rounds in the next 5-7 years Intel by 2008 already has planned to switch it's CPU's to 45nm cutting down on heat and cost just to mention a few now AMD has just only released their first 65nm proc i mean i hate to say it but intel has the money to invest in the newer tech to get costs down AMD does not now before you call me any names like an intel kiddie or fan boy please don't i have made computer with both AMD/Intel and i don't really notice a difference with what i do with them so take it as it is as my opinion Amd is cooked and is very well done
  12. Military stuff.
  13. Secolliyn1,

    They released 65nm late last December. Availability in January if I remember correctly. I am not sure if that is what you meant, sounded like you think Barcy is the first 65nm.
  14. ryanthesav said:
    what the hell are u guys talking about???????

    Sorry to hijack the thread there.

    how many years will have in when you get out?

  15. no worries...
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