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Adding 2 HDD's in raid 0 to existing system...HELP

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February 8, 2008 9:38:51 PM

Can someone please help

I have 2 HDDS running on my system. 74gb raptor for the OS and a 500gb storage drive. everything works fine. I was given a present of 2 500gb harddrives and want to put the two of them in raid 0 for storage of movie files. I have a Gigabyte DS4 motherboard which has what i think is an intel ICH8R southbridge raid controller and also a Gigabyte sata2 controller.

my question is, is it possible to install the 2 new drives as raid 0 without reinstalling the OS and if so how do i do it. From what ive read i think its like this. please correct me if im wrong......

1.The two existing drives should be left as is, connected to the SATA connectors.

2. The two new drives should be connected to the GSATA connectors on the mb

3. The raid array should then be setup on the gigabyte controller in the bios !!!

4. the boot order should have the origional 74gb drive as number 1

will this work ? I would really appreciate some help as i dont want to accidently wipe data while experimenting. Thanks
February 8, 2008 10:27:11 PM

I think that sounds right. My experience is when I did my current ich5r setup. If you are careful and watch your screens it will say if data will be deleted and on what. The other option is to pull your other hard drives OUT and then setup the raid configuration, then add the other drives back in one they are configured as raid.

2nd option. Use the ICH8r and just add both drives, boot into windows, use the matrix (might be called something else now) storage from Intel and tell the matrix manager to make those two drives into a raid array of 0. This way is all in windows and should be a piece of cake.
February 9, 2008 8:39:33 AM

thanks for the reply. was just wondering if i do it all in windows if i format later at some stage and reinstall OS will this create a problem for the 2 HDDs in raid
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February 9, 2008 10:19:52 PM

Yes, should work fine; just be careful which drives you add to the Array when you setup your RAID 0; just to be 100% sure, disconnect the existig 500gig drive, so you can't select it by accident.

On a side: How many SATA connectors are on the mobo? Only 2?
If you've got 4 on the mobo, you might as well use them up; no need to introduce another controller. Besides, there's another thread on here of a guy complaining of performance degradation due to a PCI-based SATA RAID controller.
February 10, 2008 9:21:22 AM

ive got 8 sata connectors. 6 on the southbridge and 2 jmicron controlled. do i have to put the raid on a differant controller so as not to upset the two existing drives. will windows recognise the array ok. i also have the option of exchanging the 2 500gb drives for a single 750 drive. which would be better. i'd like the extra storage but raid sounds complicated