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i'm thing about my new workstation and i can't figure out which mobo to get, and frankly i don't know much about them and there are so many.
my sys will have a core 2 duo E6850 cpu, 2 graphics cards (SLI) nVidia 8800GTS 640MB, 4GB DDR2 1066mhz CL4,
4 hard drives: 2 SCSI 15K rpm in Raid 0 and 2 320GB 7K rpm also in raid 0.
basically this is it, i thought about the asus extreme striker. i was also told that i will need to add a controler for the SCSI drives.
does someone have a good idea for a mobo with both sata and scsi controlers onboard, and a well cooled one, and SLI capble??
there will be a thermaltake PSU 850W and maybe a water cooling sys.
i need this help with maybe a few options to complete my list.
tnx alot,
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  1. i forgot to say that this workstation will run vista for CS3 photo retouching with a apple 30" and another crt 19" and Avid for editing, no gaming!
  2. I doubt you can find such mobo. Sli is for consumers whereas SCSI is for businesses (servers). A compromise is get an evga 680i A1 & a SCSI PCI card.
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