Momentus 5400.4 2.5 sata, disadvantages on 1.5mbs interface?

I have read the great new review on mobile hd of Tom's Hardware.
Just some questions :

I have noticed that the new momentus has a 3mb/s interface.
It seems that the sata 3mbs interface is backward compatible with the 1.5mbs, so I could install it on my notebook (macbook 1.5mbs) without any problems. (Am I wrong?)

I like the features of the seagate's hard drive, but I am not sure I will choose the new momentus, because of two reasons.
On a 1.5mbs motherboard I will probably won't notice any benefits of the new super-speed sata interface of the hd, and at the same time the energy requirements of the 5400.4 are a quite high, and it seems that this it's exactly related to the requirements of the 3mbs interface.
Is it true?

Perhaps on my hardware could be better to choose the Hiatchi 5k250, or the equivalent samsung hm320ji?
Or there are reasons for witch the 5400.4 is a better choice?

I need an energy-efficient, strong resistant, large hd.. and not very interested in performance and speed.

Thank-you in advance for your help.
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  1. The SATA 3 is backwards compatible but on some drives you have to change the jumpers to have it recognized when connected to a 1.5, hdd mfg web site will give you the jumper settings but it will only run at 1.5. The main reasons to get a 3.0 would be because if would be better if you moved it to a machine with 3.0 connectors or they were significantly cheaper, which is usually not the case
  2. Thank-you!

    And between the hitachi and the samsung, at your opinion, which one gives the best reliability?
  3. samsung ftw
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