How to get a website look good in IE?

I'm not sure if this is a right category but couldn't find better.
So I'm making a business directory website and it looks good in Chrome 18+, Firefox 11+, Safari 5.1+ and IE9 (tested in Adobe BrowserLab). Most likely works good in older versions of Firefox and Chrome too. But still a lot of Internet users use IE8, IE7 & IE6 (not so many anymore, thank god).

My website is directed to every audience so it should work on all most used browsers ;)
You can test is yourself:

IE8 is not so bad but when you go with IE7 and older... it's all messed up. Mostly because the background image prints out multiple times.

What I'm asking here is how can I fix it to work at least in IE8? The biggest problem what I can see from BrowserLab is that the text under the search box prints out in a separate search box instead of just plain text.

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  1. I got the background removed! I previously tried using 2 background images at the same time but then commented them out in CSS but it seems they somehow confused IE because after I removed the comments it started working!

    (it said I'm not allowed to edit the post :/)
  2. I haven't tried this myself, but you can prompt IE compatibility mode to run by entering
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7"/>
    in a meta element.

    You can choose "IE=EmulateIE7", "IE8", "IE9" etc... and see which works best
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