Asus p5w DH Deluxe & ide+sata = no go

Hi, I just bought this board but I cant get my disks to work together. I got 2 ide disks with one of them having windows installed on it. I also got 2 sata disks which I only use for storage. When I hook them up I can only see the ide or sata disks, not both. If I hook them all up it cant see the ide disks anymore. The sata disks are on port 3 and 4 and settings are like in the manual but (as usual) it doesnt work.

Does anybody know what the problem is?
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  1. Make sure that the sata controller is set to IDE mode and not ACHI in the bios, check the IDE settings as well and make sure the jumpers are correct on the IDE drives.
  2. And make sure your PSU can support them all
  3. I fixed it. The manaul says use the black ide port for hdd's but you have to use the blue one otherwise it wont work.
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