Settings for copy windows and status bars?!?

While Windows7 has many improved features over XP and Vista... there are somethings that suck from the Vista-Win7 aspects.

The status bar at the bottom is semi-useless, in XP - it always had info. I can select a bunch of files - and IT WOULD tell me how many files and how much data.

With Windows 7 (W7)... I can select a bunch of files and get this VERY STUPID link below the file count "Show More Details...", Gee thanks MS - there is this HUGE space sucking status bar that by default - is empty space!

I am hoping there is setting, a toggle, a switch - anything that can turn that to be ON all the time. I remember an article with a command to enter a GOD mode with Windows 7, basically a single screen that gives you access to pretty much everything in W7.

Part B:
Kind of like above with the status bar. When moving or copying files... the default is the minimal amount of info. With a stupid button to "Show more Details".

I would love to default this to SHOW DETAILS. I want to know what file its on, the data rate its transferring the files.
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    Just google "windows 7 god mode" to see tons of examples of what's in the god folder.
  2. Thanks...

    But I see nothing there that would make WIndows7 more functionally... usable.
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