Does the Samsung 245b support 1:1 pixel mapping

After getting a lot of helpful advice from you all on here I have decided to get myself a 24inch tft. However I cannot decide between the Dell 24 and the samsung 245b. Im swaying towards the samsung as its only £339.99. I am running a 8800GTX OC so currently high resolutions are not a problem however for a bit of futureproofness I want to be able to run at lower resolutions with a black border. I am told that to achieve this I need a tft which supports 1:1 pixel mapping. Can anyone tell me if either the Dell 24 or the samsung 245b support this as I cannot find the info anywhere :(. Also if anyone is able to do me a direct comparison between the 2 screens, it would be greatly appricaited! My main use is games.

Thanks in advance !!!
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  1. I think thats a driver feature in the Nvidia CP. LCD Scaling options or something.
  2. At that price I would check out 32" 1080P HD LCD TV. Seem like a better value to me.
  3. 24" LCD @ 1920X1200 > 32" TV @ 1920X1080
  4. The best way to figure this out is to download the manual for the monitor off the manufacturers website. Nvidia does indeed include flat panel scaling in their driver options, however it doesn't always show up and tends to break from version to version.

    FYI my dell 2405(not 2407) doesn't have pixel scaling in the menu, but my planar 21126w does. The samsung 245b is cheap because it uses inferior TN technology which has a quick response time but bad viewing angle and generally bad colors. The dell is a MVA panel which has a slightly slower response time but a better viewing angle and contrast. The 245 was designed to compete with cheap brands like Acer and KDS.

    I'd buy the dell if I was deciding between those two brands but also checkout the LG and BenQ 24 inch panels as they get very good reviews.
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