G33 vx 690G

i need to get a temp rig, for office use till i get my gaming rig in Dec... with X38 chipset etc....

the rig is going to be simple,
cpu 80-90$ (e2160/ athlon x2 4400)
Ram- 2GB
HD's- already have.

the problem is the boards...
i'm wondering around these boards, with IGP.
the Gigabyte G33-DS3R & the Gigabyte 69GM-S2H.
the G33 is a better chipset for RAID & it has more potential use in the future with the pynren coming soon. (if i didn't want SLI/CF i'd stay with this borad...)

because i'm using a 1920x1200 screen, the VGA rather important.
G33 has no DVI output, while the 69GM has HDMI & DVI output.
also, the 69GM enables 1024 MB of Shared memory (saw it in the Manual) while i found no evidence for changing the size of the memory of the VGA in the G33, so from what i know in 965 (x3000) laptops is 256 or 384 MB.

also, i saw an article testing the 690G VS the 965G (x3000 vs. x1250).
the ATI was better at games- far cry on 1280 with 30~FPS is nice.... while the intel was round 19~.
but the CPUs in the test was unequal for my opinion- e6420 vs amd 5600! & i think that is what made the difference!

last month intel put out new drivers to the x3100, doubling it's preformance... but i didn't had the change to read the article about it.... nor i seen any comparison between the x3100 & the x1250 with the new drivers....

i'd like to hear your opinions....
if someone who has one of these boards or saw a comparison.... i'd love to hear about it....


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  1. I have a GA-G33M-DS2R. I've never used its integrated graphics, but started off with a 7900GS. For "office use," however, I wouldn't have bothered, and am sure it would have been fine.
    For gaming, I doubt you'll be happy with any current integrated "solution." If you must, slap a 7300GT on it.
  2. G33 doesn't have a dvi output compare to AMD's IGP. I agree with the person above. If you are not going to use the integrated graphics for gaming then why are you comparing the IGP chipset speeds? only for office right? At that resolution you've suggested I don't think IGP boards will be happy with gaming.
  3. it will be for an office use, music & movies.... it a temp pc... for 3 months...
    my rig is burned so.... i need something till the tech i want will be relesed... (x38/x48 etc...)
  4. Whatever is cheapest.
    Get the X3800 for $65 and a $50 Gigabyte AM2 motherboard.

    If you are not going to be gaming on this thing, its really pointless to
    get the more expensive stuff.
  5. zanmaster what is the x3800????
    athlon 64 x2 3800+?
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