When is my hard disk being used?

HI all, i am wanting to check out when my hard disk is being used, and how much.

Something like the cpu usage on the task manager would be excellent

Is there anything out there in windows, or freeware that will show me what i need to know?
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  1. Yes there is, stare at the blinking HDD LED. What are you going to do with this information once you get it? :heink: This has to be the strangest question ever.
  2. it's either being used or not. theres no % like cpu usage. the hdd light is probably as good as anything. if you are doing just about anything the computer is using the hdd for the page file, so it's safe to assume its being used just about all the time.
  3. Is this a security concern question?

    i.e. Are you concerned that something is accessing, reading or writing to your drive?

    If so - you can help minimize IP/http access to your machine and limit thousands of known spyware sites and undesirable links to your machine in various ways..
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