IS this oK??

I am wondering if this is a good enough Set up to play Bioshock and the upcoming games. I plan on OCiNG the processor to 3ghz with that mobo since I heard good things about the mobo and Micro is the only thing that will fit my case. And Is the PSU any good to hold my 8800 GTS when I get it ??

Geil 2GB

Intel C2D 6550

gigabyte MOBO

cpu Silverstone Cooler

Thermaltake PSU

is this a good set up for sub ~$600

Reply at your convinience if yall got the time Thanks. (Ordering Tomorrow)
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  1. Oh and is the Heatsink anygood I plan on making a quiet PC but have a 14 cm fan blowing onto the side of my case which I moded and 2 80 MM fans to push the air out.
  2. Let me get this straight, you want to OC a 2.33GHz CPU to 3GHz.......good luck
  3. yeah i mean from the reviews on the site they got theirs to 3.2 but then again.. people are full of BS
  4. anything is possible, but stability and heat would be a big issue....
    you should as much CPU as you can afford then think about O'clocking
  5. I mean as long as this proc smokes athlon 6000+ I can careless about OCing but I want to know that I could push this proc in the future to at least 2.6GHZ-2.8 if possible.
  6. lol... I have my E6300 running at 3.4ghz. I do have a 25cm fan blowing on a nice heatsink, though. Don't forget that my processor is the older stepping, too. Just make sure you have sufficient cooling and that you get some DDR800 memory that can do at least CAS5 at DDR900 or so.

    3.0ghz would be a pinch with that processor.
    3.2ghz is more realistic.
  7. alright thanks. What kind of heatsink you got ?? You think the Memory I am getting would be good for the OC'ing? Cas4
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