buying stuff on newegg

im thinking to buy computer parts on newegg.
and something just poped up in my head
has anyone got stolen credit card number when you guys buy somethings on internet??
i know this questions is very kiddish.. but
im worring about it..

do i need to buy a spyware killer??(or is there free and good ones??)
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  1. The Yahoo Toolbar has a spyware killer.
    Not necessarily great, but it's free.

    In general, ordering on-line is very safe, especially so long as you know you are ordering from a reputable site so long as spyware is not already running on your machine.
  2. Newegg is totally legit, it is an awesome company.
  3. I've purchased many many things on line and its very safe if you reputable sites and know who you are buying from. Also credit cards companies usually insure you for fraud, its not really a worry anymore. Just make sure you see the little lock on the bottom of your browser, meaning the site is secure.
  4. I've spent enough online to buy a house and never had a problem. My girlfriend on the other hand doesn't know how to turn the computer on and has had her identity stolen. Shopping online is almost safer than shopping in a store.
  5. I am a business owner, run a b2b business. I prefer to do all my ordering by telephone whenever possible. But that is because I am from the old school and paranoia is my bestfriend.

    That said, internet ordering is safer. In most companies (especially a company the size of Dell, Newegg, Tigerdirect, Circuit City etc) the important data (such as your card number) is not going to be seen by human eyes as the data will be encripted in a file that is not readily viewed by the average office worker, and the employees that can see "your" data are going to see "everybody's" data. Your only worry with online ordering is that the entire database is stolen, but calling in orders by telephone or instore visits have the same risks.
  6. jhyukkang said:
    do i need to buy a spyware killer??(or is there free and good ones??)

    Stick with the good old saying its better to be safe than sorry, there is no harm in having anti-spyware applications so why not put one on...

    AVG is pretty good and is always up to date also its free.
  7. /agree Ausch30. I've bought LOTS of stuff on the net, but when I've given a fake name and address at the store when they want my information for 'informational purposes only' I almost always get junk for that fake name. I do keep track of what stores end up losing my stuff into the wrong hands, and I never shop there again. I've bought about $25,000 of stuff off Newegg in the last 3 years or so, and I've yet to have a problem with them.

    They aren't the absolute cheapest in the world, but they are on the cheaper side of things. I'd rather spend a little bit more for the piece of mind that I won't get a reconditioned hard drive when I paid for a new one(That happened to me at a no-name store before) than try to save every cent I can.
  8. thanks everyone..^-^
  9. For anti-spyware software, I've gone with Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and Safer Networking's Spybot: Search and Destroy. I usually run them once a week. Another tidbit is to never save your credit card information at an e-tailer's site or in your browser's cache. It takes me all of an extra 30 seconds to type in my credit card info, so (IMO) it's not that big of a hassle.

    Just my $0.02 (Charged to my Visa, please).

    -Wolf sends
  10. I agree that online shopping is very safe and reliable... a great way to not have to deal with stores, and especially when buying a computer, it allows you to get EXACTLY what you want, rather than compromising based on some store's crappy inventory.

    That being said, here's a few good free programs you could look into for your new PC.

    AVG - Mentioned above, great Anti-Virus.
    Sygate Personal Firewall - excellent protection from this.
    Spybot Search & Destroy (Decent spyware protection)
    Ad Aware - Great spyware protection
    CCleaner - Great clean-up utility, not necessarily spyware killer or anything.

    Good luck with things either way. (Whether you go online shopping or not) and if you need advice on parts or whatever feel free to ask for more specific advice/help.
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