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My mobo burnt, I will buy a new one but before I reinstall Windows I need to save some data from C. I've read that If I install a hardware and keep the old copy of Windows there might be BSOD's. I've used Live USB's but with the old hardware and it worked. Now, when I plug the usb and start the portable OS, will it use the old drivers for the old mobo and cause a BSOD or will it use different drivers? I only need to move some music, the program files(so I'll know what will I have to install after reinstalling windows and the desktop, some shortcuts and some settings)
Is it possible?
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  1. if your are looking for recovery, Hiren's boot cd is also good choice,it has live xp & lot of other tools,,
  2. Live environments use basic drivers so should work regardless of the hardware they are used on. if all you are doing is transferring files then you hav nothing to worry about.
  3. Thanks! I have Hiren's Boot but it gave me a bsod recently(before the pc crashed)
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