Poll: What Component Should I Upgrade

Hello PC enthusiaists. Thanks for checking out my poll all constructive feedback is welcome. Honestly, I'm happy with my setup and it works very well, though I'm considering upgrading and using some of the parts to put together a computer for my son. What should I upgrade or should I just start over. I do gaming, MS Office, and email.

My current set up:
AMD 939 4000+
XP Pro SP2
2x 1GB Kingston Hyper X
ECS Nforce4 Extreme SLI
BFG 8800 gtx oc
Antec HE 500
Maxtor Serial 7200rpm 80gb
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  1. just throw in the highest 939 dual core you can find ( thats not priced stuipedly)

    thats going to be the cheapest , easiest and most noticible upgrade you can do without rebuilding everything.
  2. Sorry bout closing the Poll on accident!! Thanks for your replies.
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