Jetway J9F2-KHDE benchmarks

I've recently bought a Jetway J9F2-KHDE Mini-ITX motherboard for use as a home theater system. The J9F2-KHDE features:

*Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processor support
*667 MHz FSB
*Dual Channel DDR2 up to 2 GB
*1080p HDTV
*6 Channel HD Audio CODEC
*HDMI support
*Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN

To get a feeling of the performance, I ran some benchmarks with the following configuration:

Intel Core 2 Duo T5500
Qimonda 2x1GB DDR2
7200 RPM Hitachi Deskstar 82.3 GB (SATA)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (onboard VGA)
Microsoft Windows XP SP2

Some obligatory photos of the system:

What I didn't really like are the SATA connectors circled. They are so cramped between the IDE and PCI slots that if I were to use the following SATA cable, the IDE slot would be blocked from usage:

Notice how the IDE connector is completely blocked.

A solution to keeping the IDE slot free from obstruction is to use a different SATA cable:

Here is a view of the rear I/O ports:

The PCMark 05 test results can be found online here:


The Jetway J9F2-KHDE mini-itx system is definitely a very capable home theater system. Powered by Intel's next generation CPU, this system packs more power than it looks.

Needless to say, if you wish to do graphic intensive tasks you will probably fare better with a system equipped with a dedicated graphics card.

Aside from the SATA connector blocking the IDE slot, I recommend the Jetway J9F2-KHDE mini-itx motherboard to people who want power with a small footprint.
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  1. I got this baby, too......SWEET!!!

    Besides 3D, this baby can fly and definitely a killer!! Small and fast.
    MoDT solution...highly recommand!!
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