How to relay email to a list of addresses?

I am a member of the local rescue squad, and we are trying to figure out a way to send mass dispatch text messages out to a list of addresses via email. ( #, ect.) We can receive the information from dispatch in the form of an email. How can I relay the email received to a list of addresses?

I know this is a broad question, but I don't have much experience with email/exchange/linux, and we are trying to save some cash by doing all of the engineering in-house. An easy to manage linux solution would be preferred.

I do have solid knowledge of Cisco and active directory.

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  1. how about subscribe the email addresses to a mailing list?
  2. I'm not quite sure how this would be accomplished though. I would like to set up a linux box that would receive the email, and then re-send it to the mailing list. Does anyone have any suggestions on what linux platform or program that would be the best to do this?
  3. It's fairly easy to redirect mail to a group in Linux. Here's a link showing how you would do it with Sendmail: . What is not quite so easy is to set up a secure email server that is going to interact with the outside world. It's really beyond the bounds of an answer here to detail how to do that. There are a host of things you can do wrong which would probably end up with your server being listed on various Internet blacklists.

    Is it possible for you to use a gmail account (for example) for this purpose? That would save you the complications of having to maintain and secure a mail server. Here is a link showing how you can forward a gmail address to multiple users: .
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