Power down when harddisk is connected

Hi guys, please help me troubleshoot this:
I have a problem harddisk, whenever I plug in the power cable, the whole pc's power goes down, there is still light on the led but the motherboard fan stops and everything else also... I have two harddisk in the pc including the troublesome one, if I take out the troublesome harddisk, the pc will runs ok.

I can't get into the bios, it happens everytime I plug in power cable to the harddisk and then switch on the pc, the pc starts and after maybe 0.5 second the all power goes down.

It might be that the harddisk is damaged but I test it on another older pc and the harddisk reads fine.

It can't be the power supply problem because the other components works fine using the power supply.

It is not the power cables because I have tested the harddisk using different power cables from the power supply.

I don't understand how a harddisk can makes the power goes down, the harddisk works fine on another pc (I tested it once only), and the power supply have no trouble with the other components... The weird thing is I managed to have the harddisk works one time, I plug in the power cable and the pc runs normal for a few seconds, and I thought ok it's working now but when I shut down the pc and replug in the power cables, the old things happens again...
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  1. Try unplugging the CD, or DVD. Then plug in the HDD. If it boots, you need a bigger power supply (unable to handle any more than what you have/maxed out, and cannot pull anymore amps to power another HDD)

    If this still refuses to boot, then you have a bad HDD.
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