Which Monitor ?

well guys , its time to replace my old but good LG L1710S , i have found these too , which is better ?




these monitors are good , right ?
well the first one is $360 here and the second is $400 , which is better ? any other recommendations ?
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  1. uhhhh....no idea

    either :P
  2. It's hard to say these days. There just aren't that many bad monitors out there. I'd probably choose the cheaper one. In all likelihood, they share the same panel manufacturer so the differences are aesthetic and warranty.
  3. LG -higher viewing angle.
  4. From the viewing angle it looks like the Samsung is a TN the LG may or may not be a TN.

    Most MVA or IPS monitors have viewing angles of greater than 170. TNs are closer to 160.

    TN, MVA, and IPS are all different technologies panels are based on. TN is the cheapest, IPS is the most expensive. Both IPS and MVA are good technologies, TN is a little worse but a whole lot cheaper.

    IPS can also be called S-IPS or H-IPS
    MVA has tons of different names but they all end in VA
  5. The LG monitor uses a TN panel.

    All current consumer level 22" LCD monitors use TN panels.

    The only 22" (actually 22.1") that is not using a TN panel at the moment is the Eizo ColorEdge CG221 which retails for between $5,500 - $5,900 in the US. As the price suggests, this is for graphic professionals who's livelihood depends on extreme color accuracy and uniformity.

    Lenovo will be releasing the first 22" LCD for the average consumer in November. I can't remember the model number at the moment. The list price is $550. However, that is very close to the price of a 24" LCD monitor using MVA/PVA panels. Expect the street price to be lower.
  6. ve got 4 samsung panels atm.
    Cant complain about ANY of them, even the basic model is pretty sweet.

    Warranty is good, replaced the panel on my tv for 1 dead pixel.

    No burn-in like my Acer, no faults like my 3 BenQ's (tho all covered by warranty)

    Go Samsung, they are wooping Sony in the TV market too. Im still a bit pi$$ed i chose Sony for my 40woteva" lcd. Cant complain with wholesale price tho :/
  7. thanx guys , well i think i will go with LG, its cheaper and also has better viewing angel
  8. I'd personally go with the Samsung, because I have two different Samsung monitors (widescreen @ 21.6" and a 4:3
    @ 19") right now and they're both really great, I haven't had any problems with 'em and they look fantastic.
  9. "Both IPS and MVA are good technologies, TN is a little worse but a whole lot cheaper...

    Erm Magic, in what sense "worse.."??? You're going too much on price and reviews.
    The TN is a faster screen than all the others.. (gr-gr)
  10. Clearly both TN as the other technologies don't reach 2ms gr-gr.
  11. Ironnads said:
    "Both IPS and MVA are good technologies, TN is a little worse but a whole lot cheaper...

    Erm Magic, in what sense "worse.."??? You're going too much on price and reviews.
    The TN is a faster screen than all the others.. (gr-gr)

    Actually, the difference between TN panels and the other technologies are easily visible if you pay attention to what is on the screen. An easy example is to set the "Autumn" wallpaper in Win XP. If you look at the bark of a few of the trees you will notice visible "blocks of discoloration" known as artifacts that do not match the natural pattern of tree bark. Viewing that same wallpaper on a MVA/PVA or IPS monitor, those visible artifacts will not be there.

    Other ways to compare to watch the same movies on both monitors. In certain scene whether a "normal" sequence or "action" sequence it is possible to see artifacts as well. Not sure about current generation of TN panel monitors (i.e within the last year), but TN panels generally display some type of visible artifacts in underwater scenes. That's due to the fact that TN panels use 6-bit colors, instead of 8-bit colors used by more expensive LCD panel technologies.

    Not everyone will notice problems like these because either they do not know what to look for, or they cannot perceive the difference. Similar in a way to high end audio, a couple of years ago I went with a friend to audition some high end audio speakers. A friend of his tagged alone with us. His friend could not notice any sound quality difference between a pair of $600 JBLs and a pair of $8,000 B&W speakers. To me and my friend who was buying the speakers, the difference was like day and night.
  12. Yes, TN panels are the "fastest" and cheaper.

    If that is all you care about then go for it.

    If you are looking for more than that (like better colors and image quality) then skip the TN panels all together.
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