I have a wireless network in my apartment and would like to lower the bandwidth going to other computers on my network. There are a total of 4 computers on the network. 3 are desktops and 1 is a laptop. 1 of the desktops is connected directly to the Linksys wireless router and the other 3 pcs are running wireless. My pc is running off a wireless pci card. My question is, is there any way that i can lower the bandwidth going to the other pcs and have a higher bandwidth for myself? Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Normally most SOHO equipment doesnt have those options, although some do and you want to check in your router. You could purchase other equipment to do this as well, but that will cost additonal money.

    I would love to hear anyone elses responses as well. There may be something out there that is cheap ...
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