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A double bookmark bar on Google Chrome?

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to get a double bookmark bar on Google Chrome?

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  1. you sure do have a lot of tabs open. you may need to backup your bookmarks and reset google chrome.
  2. Yeah, sometimes I have opened around 500 tabs and currently have 6000 bookmarks, that is one of the reasons I need a second bookmark tab.

    Of course I have a back up of bookmarks,

    but why the need for the google chrome reset?

    Its running fine. Just need a second bar.

    Any ideas?
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    Despite repeated requests, it seems that this feature is still unavailable in Chrome. You can have multiple bookmark bars, but not all showing at the same time.

    There is one workaround, which is to use the extension called "Mozilla FireFox". ;)
  4. I know that FF had it, that's how I know : )

    But I am so used to Chrome, that a switch would be "almost hardship" :D

    Does the FF has the same shortcuts like chrome? Maybe I should check it out, again.

    I didn't use the FF since version 4 or 5.
  5. Tried the FF. Not happy with it.

    I know I can configure it more to my needs, but its slower next to Chrome.

    It loads certain things bit slower and displays the page in slightly different look.

    I guess I am used to the Chrome way too much for now : ))
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  7. I need to spam chrome developers and beg for the double bar :D
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