P5GX-MX/1333 + E6750 Problem..Help plz..

Hi guys.I recently bought an ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 mobo with an Intel Dula Core E6750!Since i am o toal noob-newbie to o.c and general hardware,i have no intention to o.c!But here`s the prob. i have!It`s running soooo sloooowwwww! :(
On cpu-z it shows core voltage 1,280v and in core speed 1597,6!!Bus speed 266,1 multiplier 6 and sometimes it changes to x8 and core speed pumps up to 2128!I guess it`s cuase of the "auto" function in "oc" folder in bios?Donno...can someone help me plz?
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  1. It just reduces multiplier when it's not using all of it's processing power. Saves you some money on your electric bill. Also - there is a stick about OC'ing C2D chips in this forums... I suggest you take a peak at that.
  2. Yes it is Intel Speedstep controlling your cpu's speed when it's not doing anything to save power.You can disable it in the BIOS if it bugs you.
  3. I see...But whenever i run a speed test for the cpu the maximum i get is 2,1 :(i used ORTHOS and while cpu was 100% the max speed was 2,1!Should`nt it get higher speeds?Or even at least the 2,66 which is the base speed for the cpu?
  4. I followed the stick u said RGEIST554,and i shorted out some things!now i get 2,6 Mhz on cpu when stressing it with orthos!It should go 2,6 when stressing in 100% usage no?ty in advance (i haven`t figured out how to change the volts to oc since in my bios it has no such mode)
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