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I have got a warning that the catalyst control centre is not suported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter, please update yourATI grphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the display manager can you advise me please
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  1. List the specifications of the system referred to. Check the online product page website for the proper video driver download.
  2. my system is Vista Home premium with Windows 8, I've tried Paralogic Driver cure but to no avail
  3. Quote:
    my system is Vista Home premium

    32 or 64 bit version of Vista?

    with Windows 8,

    Do you mean Internet Explorer 8? Irrelevant.

    I've tried Paralogic Driver cure but to no avail

    ATI/AMD supplies system drivers for their products here. No way to know which driver software to download and install unless you list the system specs regard you video processor.
  4. Laptop or Desktop? Do you have 2 video cards installed? If you do and they are 2 different chipsets, that error is normal, it's complaining about your second video card.
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