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Checking temps on 4700


Can I check temps other than the disk on a Dell 4700 using Speedfan?
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  1. Never mind those arrows. It looks like this.

  2. I only see disk temps with HWmonitor, the same as Speedfan
  3. Whats the temp?
  4. Get Speccy and post your hardware info! @
  5. Maybe that is the only sensor that you can monitor on the Dell 4700.
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    jonarmao said:
    Maybe that is the only sensor that you can monitor on the Dell 4700.

    If the Specy doesn't show any other, it would be the case.
  7. BTW, the problem I'm having is that the power supply appears to really heat up and the HD temp goes over the operating limit. I'm trying to determine whether the problem is my disk or the power suppy. I have an external fan blowing into the case at this point and temps are in the OK range.
  8. I used Speccy, but it stopped working after I started using Speedfan. It couldn't find a number of dlls
  9. Its out of the warranty, so u can remove the PSU,

    open it and use the compressed air to blow the dust out (I even used some brush for shoes to get it clean like new) than install it again.

    On my old Coolermaster PSU I exchanged the 120mm fan for Antec one and it was quiet PSU that still works today : ) after 5+ years of the use.
  10. Thanks, I'll try that when I get a chance.
  11. Ohh, I forgot to say that fan on the PSU died and I felt the hot air

    around the PC and the CPU fan was going in full speed, as it was hot in the case.
  12. U can also try this ->>

    Its paid app, but trial works fine and it gives very comprehensive

    report about your system state.
  13. Good luck!
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  15. Good luck jonarmao!
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