CPU Core voltage fluctiations

My computer was running very smoothly for about six months then it seems to be "sticking" in places the temps do not go above 50 C and according the my mother board all the power is stable exept i noticed that once the cpu voltage changes between 1.2 and 1.8 that is when i notice the lag is there any way to disable speed stepping on my processor or what component in my computer is broken
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  1. Enter the bios on startup and turn of speed step and CE1 control and that will stop it. 1.2 - 1.8 seems high. What CPU

    Most core 2's run under 1.4 volts(1.325)

    Also look if the sticking occurs when your HDD goes(led blinks) allot. could be page filing or file fragmentation as well...
  2. system
    intel 975xbx
    2 gb ddr 800 ram
    thermaltake 850 w psu
    2 250gb hard drives
  3. 1.8 mist be a error. that cpu is spec'd at 1.325 volts(optimal. it can run on 1.225 in most cases at stock speeds).

    Either way... take off speed step and see if its better.
  4. I'm sorry did you say 1.8 for the CPU Vcore? If so then thats way to high for Vcore. What videocard do you have?
  5. Yeah 1.8v is maaad
    My q6600 @ 2.7 runs at 1.09 load or 1.11 idle
    Thats on a P5B-D after the 'pencil voltmod'
    0.02v fluctuation between idle and load is about the lowest ive seen tho.
  6. sorry i meant 1.188
  7. did you get speed step off?
  8. ROFLMFAO. This has to be the FUNNIEST post I've seen in a long time. I got a great laugh seeing people say "Yeah 1.8v is maaad"(meanwhile thinking OMG 1.8V!!!), then reading "sorry i meant 1.188v". Amazing what a misplaced character can mean.

    Anyway, I'd leave speedstep on unless you really have a reason to not use it. It doesn't hurt your performance much and the heat and power savings really add up.
  9. Quote:
    i notice the lag is there any way to disable speed stepping

    Thats why it is being tried...
    I personally have it on...
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